New BFD Drums subreddit

Since the old BFD subreddit was closed down a while ago, I thought it might be good to have a new one for the new BFD Drums.
Would anyone be willing to help Moderate?

Also, it’s just created so it’s a little empty, so feel free to Join and help get it started!


Not a bad idea. Hopefully it will be better than the facebook group lol


Yay, another place that inMusic can ignore existing customers…


" r/BFDdrums has been banned from Reddit

This community has been banned for violating the Reddit rules."

Yeah, I had no idea what that was about. Reddit can be a-holes at times. I got no explanation nor answers to inquiries about why it got banned.

Well shite. If this gets back up and running, I’ll be happy to participate/contribute.

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Thanks. I might try Reddit again, but since they don’t tell you why they nuke a subreddit, it might just be a waste of time again.
I’m more likely to give Discord a try. But Discord can be a little disorienting to people who are only used to traditional forums. On the plus side, it would probably attract more young users than this forum, since it started out as mainly a gamer hangout. There are good music, audio-engineering, scoring, and Cubase Discords that I follow there.

Discord might be a better option, but maybe more work involved? The subreddit didn’t really seem to be going anywhere, sadly.

Yeah, that’s why I haven’t given it a go yet. Plus I still need to get a little more familiar with Discord.

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