Monterey/M1 Silcon fun

MacBook died, and replacement came obviously with Monterey.
I need to run off projects with BFD3 on them,
I got it up and running, but when you go to delete and remove the plug, the whole project crashes.
I downloaded BFD licence manager, but it took me to new Roli website, and wouldn’t let me log in with old Fxpansion details- therefore new site have no record of me owning BFD1,2 and 3.
Please help me log in - if there’s no new update yet, that’s ok, just trying to exhaust options, and get everything up and running again.

Did you not get any emails about the BFD migration?
I would check through your emails from fxpansion, it’s almost a year since BFD3 left FXpansion and Roli and became part of InMusic.

If you can log into your fxpansion account or contact their support they might be able to help you with the migration process. Perhaps @BFD_Drew can help if you give him your old log in details and serial numbers in a private message.


Just checked my emails and didn’t get anything.
If @BFD_Drew could help - I now have an Inmusic log in, but when I go to register BFD3, it wants a serial number that starts with 21, and mine starts with BFD30.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Apologies, update -
Have now migrated, but am after the update - BFD licence manager now showing BFD3, but there is nothing under ‘downloads’ to update.

Don’t go by those serial registrations on inMusic for BFD3. Registering any serials BFD3 related is only done through the License Manager. Once you’ve done that, your product serials will show properly in your inMusic account when you sign in. It’s a bit confusing when you don’t know.

Also, for the migration to work, your FXpansion email has to be the same as your inMusic one.

Also, for your BFD 1 & 2 content, that is not migrated. You need to read the sticky thread about replacement serials.

You’re not alone. inMusic and FXpansion never told me, either. I found out accidentally. That was the first step in leaving me feeling abused… BFD Drew got me sorted here on the forum (after the inMusic support page pissed me off further).

Make sure you select a product when you look for the updates section to be populated. I made the mistake of assuming it would just check and inform me. That’s not how it works. You have to select a product for it to inform you of any updates.