Migration hasn't migrated anything and there's no support

Project Mix I/O for me too - they were still in the shops when InMusic illegally cut support. It was illegal too in this country. They threw their customers to the wolves and created a lot of well deserved hate as a result.
Nothing has changed as far as I can see either, they’re a company to avoid as they treat their customers like dirt.

The Yamaha thing you’re talking about is a completely different case they stopped dev years after selling them, not the same thing at all. The M-Audio products were still current and viable.

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It might have been a response to my email. The inMusic support page is even worse than before. There is literally no way to SUBMIT an inquiry. This company is TRASH.

So I received an response to my email where I’d carefully detailed what had happened and how the migration process had failed.

The response was a copy/paste telling me to go through the migration process.

Idiots. Lazy idiots.

They didn’t obviously read the email and I’m no closer to having my products available.

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No I wasn’t saying they were the same, the comparison was simply about investing in something that potentially had a great future and was extremely popular only for it to be abandoned forcing owners to throw away something that cost a lot of money.

I had the Audiophile 2496.


Well, I wrote a detailed response to the support@bfddrums.com email and got a response that asked where in the migration process it had failed.

Which told me that they hadn’t read the detailed email, with screen captures and the difference between my FXPansion Licence manager and their new one. It just looked like a copy:paste response.

They also said it was hard to diagnose, which is true if you don’t read the info the customer sends to you.

They sent me links to three totally useless FAQs for parts of the process I’d told them I’d already completed.

So no actual support from the support email. And no response at all from the support form.

This goes from bad to worse.

Weirdly they mark support emails as ‘confidential’ - they’re not and they can’t impose this sort of condition on emails without prior contract, it just looks like they’re trying to hide their incompetence with incompetent bush lawyering.

I sent a response to the useless email detailing this issues, yet again over 24 hours ago and the response has been ‘crickets’

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I wanted to mention that Drew got me sorted out within 24 hours of my direct message to him here on this forum. I’m downloading content right now.

Please note something that I missed in my blind rage at inMusic: If you have serials for BFD stuff, they DON’T get registered on inMusic’s user account page! They go into the BFD License Manager! “Products” menu → “Register Product Serial…” Once you do that, the inMusic site will reflect this and list your stuff (though they don’t seem to have product icons for the expansions). The site will STILL not offer you downloads for anything! Basically, there’s an entire product management portal that doesn’t do anything.

If the inMusic site hadn’t been such a useless bastard, I might have gone poking around in BFD License Manager and realized this (though I still would have needed Drew to send me the licenses for the content I was owed from BFD 1 & 2, which he did do - THANKS Drew!). The inMusic website totally needs a rebuild. Either they need to set it up to deal with registering software products there, or they need to tear that crap out and stop luring people to it under the assumption that it’s how things are ACTUALLY done. Their pages need to very clearly inform users how things must be done.

I never did get anything from inMusic through any formal support channels. I only got handled by going to Gearspace, finding out about this forum, and getting fixed up by Drew from here.

So much is wrong with inMusic, and this is just another example: one size DOES NOT fit all, but that’s what struggling-brand-hoarder inMusic seems to think about their product/user management portal. Who knows if anyone at inMusic knows about any of this. Glass Elevator and other employer review sites have indicated communication issues within the company. Not surprised at all.

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Yes - big thumbs up to Drew.

Sorted things out for me as well.

Only after stumbling on the forum.

Don’t quote me on this (then again).

But Drew seems to be the one singled out to correct management money blindness.

Hope they pay him well - though is suspect these days not.

Real things are done for the love of it.

We all have to hope that reward comes further down the line. Though I doubt that will happen neither.



Yeah, employees at place like this need to be given a living wage, PLUS a massive (and constant) bonus for working around corporate/conglomerate malfeasance…


That ended up being my experience too.

Big ups for Drew but the process shouldn’t rely on a single person going above and beyond.

What happens when he gets poached by someone else looking for a dedicated guy?



Doesn’t matter how much someone loves a product and does 100% for it. If the job don’t put food on the table then if a better offer comes along he should seriously consider it.

In my experience - management don’t give a sh1t about those at the bottom - we’re just slaves.

That’s why we use these products when we’re writin’ stuff.

All part of the food chain.

I really hope they sort all this out. It’s gettin’ there. But shouldn’t really have gone live with it before it was sorted. But that’s company deadlines for you.

So far so good.

Have a nice day - “all”



Hi , late to the update party
Ready to migrate , been on BFD2 in logic for years /ton of songs .After the inMusic migration , and demise/re- naming of BFD1/BFD2 content, does anyone know if Logic will continue to load settings correctly in BFD2 now that it is London Sessions/Eldorado?Should I keep BFD2 running as separate app with separate content and when using BFD3 use London Sessions ( ie doubling the disk space for the same sounds? Thanks .
I’m trying to up my form game by posting( similar) questions so I am allowed to PM Drew to get serials for content I already own!:wink:

If you have a ton of projects you should make sure you have saved those projects as presets in BFD2 before you get rid of it. Then you can import those BFD2 presets in to BFD3 rather than trying to recreate them from scratch.

Once they are loaded in to BFD3, the London sessions and Eldorado should load just the same as they did in BFD2 but you may have to make a few minor tweaks.

If you have the space I would hold on to BFD2 until all your old projects are as they were before.
It’s going t take some time but you’ll get there in the end.

I have BFD2, BFD Eco and BFD3 all happily coexisting on my desktop.