Migration hasn't migrated anything and there's no support

I followed the migration process, downloaded the new licenser and none of my products appear.

So I try your laughably labelled support form.

Which also doesn’t work and is terminally broken.

Do you test anything?
How do I get my account fix and my products recognised?

I only found this forum (not linked off the product site) by following threads of people in similar situations on Gearspace, this is not acceptable and you’re actually breaking Australian law (which applies to you because you sell a product to consumers in Australia and we don’t hold that where the vendor is matters) with this level of software support.

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This forum has been up and running for less than a week I think.
I got my email notification last Monday the 19th.

If you were on the emailing list you should have had an email to let you know so maybe check your junk mail/spam box to see if it went there.

To make sure you’re getting emails from this forum, go to your profile and check the email settings.

Can’t help with your migration issues but I had to do it a couple of times before it worked so maybe keep trying. Make sure you’re logged into to your account at fxpansion and also in the new licence manager.

Have you tried to email the new support address?


This email address is for now the only line of support, the on line ticket system is not being used.


If the online ticket system is not being used, why the hell is it being presented to customers on the inMusic/BFDDrums site?? This forum, by the way, is NOT. I only got here via seeing posts on Gearspace and KVR, which I found because I did DDG searches after finding the FAQs on the BFDDrums site had INTOLERABLE “answers” to questions about existing content from BFD 1 & 2.

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I don’t know why it doesn’t stipulate that BFD users should NOT use the on line support but inmusicbrands own 7 or 8 other products and my guess would be that the process of extrapolating and moving everything BFD related from the fxpansion site is pretty complex and is still in flux and consequently having teething problems.

Perhaps inmusicbrands should alter their support page to tell BFD users to use the email address support@bfddrums.com

“This forum, by the way, is NOT”

NOT what?

What are INTOLERABLE answers?

Have you tried my suggestions regarding the migration process?


They had a year to do this, but the quality of execution gives it the look that they started the whole process about a week before sending us emails to come migrate. That’s not a good look.

“Not what?” This forum is NOT listed on their site. Anywhere. Unless that just changed.

The intolerable answers: BFD 1 & 2 content cannot be used with BFD 3. The vague reference to expansions for that content, with no info about how to get those, if we are already owners of BFD 1 & 2 (one is discontinued, the other costs $99; we shouldn’t have to buy it again). Now they’re saying (in forums) that they intend for us to have access to all of our content, but there’s a “bug”…

I got the receipt for my purchase of BFD 3, so no need to worry about spam folders. My inMusic account doesn’t show that I have made any orders and only shows XFL (the only content migrated from my FXpansion account). License manager also doesn’t list BFD 3. I only bought it for fear of BFD 2 failing to activate in case I end up with a new Mac some time soon (the FAQ says the old versions will NOT be activated any more).

I have not attempted to write to the email address for their support. At this point, I’m not sure why I should bother; they know what’s broken. I’ll keep this forum open in a tab to watch what goes down.

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BFD1 & BFD2 should be there to download using a download ticket and then through the licence manager.
As you pointed out, BFD1 is now Elderado and BFD2 is the London Sessions and they’re free to registered owners so no need to buy them again.

I’m still running BFD2 and BFD Eco okay on my windows 10 machine. I have to keep the BFD2 library separate as .wav files. I probably will get rid of them soon.

You should use the email address for support if you’re still having problems because as of now, it’s only way you’ll get support. Unless of course you’re able to figure out or solve your problems by yourself.

I agree though, the new web page isn’t as good as the old one but I’m sure it will be in time.

It’s not that bad though, just not as matured. :slight_smile:


BFD 2 was discontinued several years ago. I couldn’t install it under OSX Catalina. There is no actual support for it. BFD1 was eons ago. I last installed BFD2 in 2018 on the 2018 Mac under High Sierra.

However, the content of v.1 and 2 you’re entitled to and should lobby Drew for new licenses to, at that email.

How would I have tried the new support email when it wasn’t bloody listed anywhere?

This has been amateurishly pathetic in its delivery. Your blaming the users for not knowing the process you deliberately hid from them.

If we’re not meant to use the InMusic support system why is there a specific item in the menus for BFD?

I did not miss any emails btw - they sent them to me but the information was simply false - they stated migration was successfully completed and it has not been. I have no products attached to my InMUsic account nor in the BFD licencer.

The still show up in the old FXPansion licencer so I’m not imagining that I bought them.
None of the process has been under my control and there has been no way to find information through any sort of officially supported channels.

As I stated I only found out about these forums by following chats in other, non-InMusic sites.

BFD Licence Manager still shows me as having no licences - pathetic

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They might know there are issues but your particular problem may easily be resolved.
You claim it is broken and yet it has worked okay for me and lots of other people so not totally broken then?

I have had some issues and there are a few kits I can’t use so I emailed them to let them know.
The ones I can’t use are mostly 3rd party ones

Firstly, I haven’t blamed anyone and secondly I don’t work for fxpansion (or BFD Drums as they are now known)

Thirdly, why the hell wound the people at BFD drums deliberately hide it?

If you posted on the old fxpansion forum ever, you may remember me as I was on there a lot under the name Purtington.

Did you make sure you were logged in to both the fxpansion site and your licence manager?
I did ask you this yesterday but you didn’t say.


Yes, of course I was logged in to the site and also to the licence manager.

I didn’t answer you as it was obvious from my original post that I had logged in to both to see no products registered. How could I have seen that if I wasn’t logged in?

InMusic obviously haven’t done testing well, haven’t got support mechanisms in place and are pissing off their customers. I’m hardly a unique case here. If they’d actually had a working support form or even just an email visible to users then I could have started the process simply enough but they didn’t which is shockingly unprofessional.

As a beta tester I don’t even know what your link with them is - I beta test other software (which NDA prevents me from disclosing) but I would never speak for those companies as that’s not the role - they have paid, dedicated support teams for that.

Which is not to blame you - it should be InMusic doing the job, not helpful volunteers. I’m sure they didn’t give you a cut of the money I paid to purchase the software.

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Good point since the licence manager now accesses your browser.

I totally agree that the email support should be much clearer on their web page and the fact that it is (for now at least) the only means of support should also be made clear.

Drew has posted somewhere on the forum to let people know about the email support but it needs to be pinned to the top as well as on the web site and maybe even sent out to all registered users on their database in an email.

I don’t have any link with them apart from being a beta tester. I’ve been a fan since buying BFD2 back in 2007 and still think, despite it’s problems it’s still the best drum vst on the market and I want to see it made better.

I signed up to be a beta tester for BFD3 back in January 2012 which is scarily long time ago and am now hoping to begin beta testing for BFD4 soon.
The NDA I signed doesn’t prohibit me from mentioning that I’m beta testing it, just that I can’t say any more than that.

I don’t speak for BFD/fxpansion because I’m a beta tester, when I do speak up for them it’s because I love the product and want to see it do better.

They didn’t give me a cut of the money but obviously as a beta tester we all got a free copy of BFD3. :grinning:


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Maybe they’re aware of inMusic’s… undesirable… website situation and are offering up more direct communications, in territory they actively control, running around the obfuscated and ill-prepared official support site… ??? Just guessing here, but the owners of corporate IP rarely care as much about execution as do the actual developers doing the work to MAKE the actual product their employer owns.

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That’s true, I know for sure that they would have much preferred to have waited and let us beta testers hunt down the bugs before releasing it but they had deadlines to make.


Corporate Deadlines, I assume…

Most probably yes.


Well, I sent an email to that address… I finally got an automatic response, but I don’t know if it’s from the address listed here, or from one of the two support requests I sent from the official website (the auto-response came from inMusicbrands).

Sadly the response doesn’t do anything like list a support ticket and it’s from a noreply email so you can’t follow it up.
That’s the opposite of a good customer support model.

It’s like they looked at US Telcos and their ‘screw you customer!’ support model, where the customer is lead a merry dance through hell with no real help and thought, “We’ll have some of that.”

I was already avoiding InMusic after their illegal actions when they acquired M-Audio (they don’t just get to decide to ‘end support’ on multi-thousand dollar products that they were still selling just because it’s easier for them.) This just keeps that awful reputation intact.


Was this a response to the email support, support@bfddrums.com

It’s not uncommon to get an automated response telling you your problem is being looked into with a, ‘we will respond within 24 hours’ or something.


That’s why I was avoiding inMusic brands myself. I was screwed by the abandonment of the M-Audio ProjectMix I/O. Expensive. Excellent. Abandoned because… laissez-faire capitalism.


I invested a small fortune in my Yamaha SW1000XG and DSP factory many years ago and was gutted that they just dropped it, I think windows 7 32bit was the last OS that either of them worked on :cry:

They were an excellent combo.