LM License Re-Check seems stuck

The last time I opened the LM (probably a couple weeks ago) it was on 84 days remaining until next check. Today I opened it and it remains at 84 days. Doesn’t seem to be counting down correctly on my end.

macOS 10.13.6

Shhh, that’s a bug I’d keep quiet about :rofl:




That is until it gets stuck at 0 days remaining and refuses to re-authorise :wink:

Something tells me the counter is still going down in their system, even though it’s not displaying correctly. So it’s basically in the dark like the older builds.

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Well if inMusic maintains their servers properly, hopefully it won’t come to that.

Je ne garde pas mes espoirs

20 characters of a bucket of :popcorn:

Mine just refreshed after 20 days. It wasn’t due yet, and nothing was showing expired or unauthorized. It was just a gratuitous refresh back to 90 days.

So today I disconnected from the internet, as I’m hardwired, ran the LM and it now says 83 days, so apparently it’s working. If you’re always connected to the internet, it probably does random checks in the background, without opening the LM?


Yes I think @BFD_Drew had said the aim is to make the checks silent background checks.

My desktop is always on line and my laptop most of the time.


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Correct. The quoted reason being ‘transparency’.

Thats not what transparency means. At all.