License Manager - The Eternal Log In

Hello BFDrummers,

I’m a new user (or hope to be) having bought BFD3 a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I only got as far as the license manager - as any attempt to log in to the LM results in an infinite ‘Logging in please wait’ as the circle goes around.

I also tried logging in to my inmusic profile prior to trying the LM and selecting ‘continue’ at the already logged in prompt to no avail. The circle spins on.

I have searched the forum but did not find this exact issue among the posts about license manager and migration headaches. I additionally tried contacting support but have not heard back, so I thought I’d put a post here to ask for user opinions.

My question is whether it’s worth waiting for support with this issue and trying to get beyond it, or better to cut my temporal losses, opting for a refund and trying to bag an alternative virtual drum solution while the sales are on?

The main draw of BFD for me, aside from generally liking the sound & cut of its gib, is the ‘cross-chatter’ function which could shave a lot of time from my mixes. Anyway enough of me banging on. BFDrummers! What would you do if you found yourself in my worn out old boots?

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Stick with it.

Give it time.


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Seconded. Stick with it. Give it time. Also, calling @BFD_Drew just in case your issue isnt a general bug but something he can help with.