License manager is the server down?


is the server down or am I experiencing some kind of a bug?

It’s working properly for me. Have you had any luck yet?

no already a whole day without connection, this is probably a registry edit issue or something… I just went through the process of uninstalling and installing, I can’t figure out a way to uninstall the License manager and install it again, cleanly

Ok I logged out of my account, and then back in again, that fixed the issue


I had the same problem few weeks ago, I confirm that logging out and then right after login again solved the issue.

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It may be a good idea to update the message in the License Manager to add something like:

“Please try logging out of your InMusic account and logging back in or try again later.”

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Yes, or maybe add a script where it signs out automatically when the machine is shut down, thereby having a mandatory log in when BFD3 gets opened or the machine starts up?

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next version.