License Manager doesn't remember if not using default locations

Hey there,
Anyone else noticed that if changing the default location of the BFD data (ie I move mine to a folder in my Sample Library SSD)… the license manger will scan for already downloaded content and start downloading it again.

happens to me as well

Just a thought but have you removed them from the LM using the X (Remove Download) button in the top right corner?

You can do it either before, or after moving the files.


Yes, have tried both leaving it there and not leaving it there.

yeah same here… it is erratic. sometimes you can download the single file you clicked the button for and sometimes it will start trying to download a slew of content. this erratic behavior messes up previous downloaded installer files (overwrites what is there) so move them if you want to keep them stored on your systems. the reason i say the LM downloader is erratic is because it will do it sometimes and not sometimes and i have had to download and install ALL of my expansion installers again and install the lot to get my product working (well about 90% lol) cheers

Same here, and I also am experiencing various weird things such as having to authorise repeatedly.

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yeah i have had the re-authorize thing twice now myself first time it was like six items… last was only one item. but not re-authorizing for a couple days now so fingers crossed. cheers

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Now the authoriser don’t work. Can’t find files… like it can’t find its server.
Anyone else having problems??