License Manager Authorization Loop Issue

Making a dedicated topic for this issue

Macbook Pro 2021 M1 Pro Monterey 12.6.1, new setup, no system migration
(My InMusic license works fine on a 2015 Macbook Pro)

  • When License Manager ( is open and BFD3 is closed, it authorizes successfully

  • As soon as BFD standalone or VST2 is opened, I am prompted to run the LM and authorize again

  • It says authorization is successful, but once you close the pop-up window, the LM says not authorized

  • LM authorization status will not turn green unless you close BFD3

  • But as soon as you open it again, you are stuck in the loop

  • Logging out and back in with LM and Chrome did not work (Safari not compatible)

  • Reinstalling BFD3 and LM did not work

  • Same issue exists with BFD3 v3.4.4.31 and v3.4.5.10

Recent reports of the same issue:

Yep, support are top notch. They’ll never get another penny from me again. Superior Drummer is the way. Would have rather saved cash but enough was enough

For anyone that resolved this issue, do you know what steps worked?

Does anyone know where the serial number is located on the system?
Why does the LM say no license is found even though authorization is successful?

It’s probably inMusic’s servers that are acting wonky.

I wish there was an actual error message to help narrow it down

I’ve had this issue since Nov 3rd, and my licenses were reset by support just to be sure