Kits and grooves missing

I just purchased BFD3 - I didn’t get any kits or grooves. I downloaded a second time - still nothing - what am I missing?

Thanks in adance.

Welcome. Try re-scanning all paths in the Content Location manager (in standalone Tools > Setup Content Locations). Also, start the License Manager and first check that you have the latest version, BFD3 should be there and show up on both the Installed and Authorized tabs and should show “Authorized” in green on each. If not try logging out and logging back in. If none of this works, check back in here.

So, I want to make sure I’m clear - BFD 3 does come with some new BFD 3 kits and grooves as a standard part of the standard download package>

OK- I tried to reinstall again - it said that I need to install a new version of the license manager - but I’ve got the latest version - 30622.

What now?

Yes, BFD3 comes with quite a few kits and Grooves.
Did you do the full rescan in the Content Location Manager? Did you log out and log back in to the LM?

OK - logged out and back in - trying to download again - we’ll see.

OK - logged in and logged out and when I run license manager - it says I need to update the License Manager. I’ve got the latest version - I’m stuck now.

What happens if I uninstall BFD3 and try to reinstall?

BFD 3 | Error: BFD License Manager is running, and needs to be updated… (

This the error message I’m getting - I’ve followed the instructions on this page - doesn’t seem to work for me.

OK - finally got it. Thanks for the help. Dang.

Sure. What fixed it?

I think it was logging out and back in - I downloaded again - got it

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