Just A Mess- 3.4.1 Has Screwed Up My Setup

Downloaded and cant even get on the app. It keeps sending me to license manager where it says all apps authorized, and I just keep going round and round, with message saying I am not logged into Inmusic account…even though app at left hand bottom says I am logged in!

Ok, tried downloading the very latest license manager and tried going through that. No more round and round….instead BFD3 repeatedly crashes before it even fully opens. This on a fully up to date Windows 10 Pro machine that has 0 problems with other plugins.

Ok, did a reboot and BFD3 opens……”Kits” work……but clicking on various Presets does….errr…nothing.

Now freezing during scan….

Now crashing Studio One……

Now after reboot, won’t open at all. Truly amazing.

I can send a link for the Windows installer for update file if you want to roll back.

Thx. SF. I believe I saved that to a hard disk before I did the migration…but haven’t used it yet because not sure whether it will completely work, given the migration. Wonder if I’m in better shape waiting for a fix.

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Don’t hold your breath. I went back to 3.3 and it is now fully functional. Just make sure you have not deleted the Fxpansion folder. Much more of this and I will be investigating SD3 despite preferring BFD3…

Yeah I’ve also got SD3 but prefer the sounds of BFD3.,OTOH, SD3 is pretty seamless in its operation.

Perfect demonstration that DRM hurts paying customers. All of this bullshit is because of the DRM. They should be working on product bugs, not repeatedly trying to fix a DRM implementation. I haven’t bothered to download the first update because I at least have a semi-working BFD3.4 at the moment.

This is one of the worst product experiences I’ve had in a long time, and I have a LOT of experiences with horrible software. It’s always the same issue: products changing hands, upper management making unreasonable demands and not doing their part, new bugs and productivity obstruction introduced because of corporate DRM demands…


For those that have rolled back, are you using the old FX License Manager to authorize or the new InMusic one?

the FXpansion one. It all still functioned for me. I did have to fiddle to get all my xpansions seen.

Did you get the bonus pack from InMusic to work when you rolled back? I would assume not.

You need the BFD3 License Manager for that. However it is no good if BFD does not work. I am ok with 3.3 for the moment.

I’m trying to wait before I call this company. I’m so damn angry I won’t be able to contain myself without tearing into whomever answers the phone. This is just unbelievable. I’ve been back and forth with some guy in support via e-mail, who has asked me the same questions 3 times. and still, has not gotten back to me.

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The person I emailed with at InMusic support was extremely nice….but totally useless.


Tried going back to 3.3 but, as a final cruel irony, the packs I had to get new InMusic serials for, because they wouldn’t migrate properly, ( like Zildjian pack) are now no longer available through 3.3. Unbelievable.


No just the old working BFD3

Went back to 3.4. Thought I might make it work. Worked for awhile, but then it started to make me re-authorize every time I used it. Then it made even that impossible because of ….server connection error!!! ENOUGH! Just went back to 3.3. Maybe I’ll check out 3.5 if and when it over comes out. And maybe not.