I've been dead-in-the-water for a year

Last spring I simply updated BFD3. It has not functioned since. I’ve run License Manager numerous times – BFD3 and Horsepower are authorized (green) and today I newly installed Horsepower to a new storage drive.
I am NOT a wizard about how these software packages work - I trust them to self-install properly, and they do. But when I hit such a block as this I’m stumped.
I’ve had 15 years of success using Digital Performer and my 8 various digital instruments - including BFD - but this pothole is wicked.

Spectrasonics is so fantastic regarding updating / upgrading. Never a single hiccup.

I LOVE BFD - I started with the first iteration and have upgraded everytime. I miss it so much.

What should I do?
Any instructions need to be -ultra- clear and simple re terminology, etc.

J Adkins/ Mac 10.12.6


Well, yeah, there are a whole class of issues that some people have run into simply because of the installation variables that different expansions have used over the years. The whole thing where you can install BFD2 and BFD3 presets for an expansion causes unnecessary problems.

I think this is about the best I’ve been able to explain it, so far. It’s not like a write-up, which I don’t have time to do. But, if you take it step by step, you’ll at least have BFD set up like one that doesn’t have issues.

Not that I’m making any guarantees. I’m sure there are variations I haven’t accounted for. I think there’s some Internet connectivity/access issues that people are running into that I just don’t have. But, at least with this some of the complications will have been weeded out, and it might all work.

Well you at least need to explain in more detail what is happening. If you haven’t updated the LM since last spring, then that’s a good place to start. You should be on LM Once installed, you can download the latest BFD3 build and your expansions from there… however, users were saying that the LM gets overwritten after updating the BFD3 app to LM So if it does that, then just re-install the newer version.

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Yeah, you first have to start with a correct BFD directory and only direct the software to go there. But before anything get the latest updates with license manager and version of the BFD application. After installing the newest version of License manager you can use that to download and then install from that, all your expansion packs, application and Go from there. Install to the correct, new directory “ONLY”.

You certainly shouldn’t be dead in the water for a year. That is unacceptable. If you don’t get resolved via tips on the forum, please PM me and we’ll sort out some sort of remote session where I can log into your computer and get you up and running.



Thank you everyone for responding ! I feel there’s hope.

First: I am indeed using License Manager LM

Second: Whether I run BFD as a stand-alone, or instantiate it into Digital Performer this appears:

The following paths could not be found:

…all of which is way over my head.


Huh? That’s uh, really weird. I looks like BFD is looking in the installer dmg for content, which is, not right.

What are the paths in Content Locations? Can you post a screen shot?

Upon startup when the Content Locations are displayed a center-screen, green “progress” circle spins for about 3-5 seconds and it crashes.

@jadkins That looks like a mess. I think I would start by removing all content locations and starting over from scratch. Most of those paths look unnecessary. See my locations. All content I’ve added is on one drive and in one parent folder, “BFD”. You don’t need to add any user/Documents locations… those are automatically scanned. This has been working flawless for me.

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I’ve always thought your suggestion - rebuild from the ground up - was exactly what I’ve needed.

So, does that mean I should:

  1. ‘delete’ everything I can find anhywhere with 'BFD" in it, then
  2. re-download everything the License Manager instructs me to - preferably on the same external drive?

I just got a new Glyph 4TB :slight_smile:

@jadkins No, I just mean delete the content paths with those check boxes. It says, “Remove all content paths”. It just removes them from the database, doesn’t actually delete them where their locations are. Close BFD3

I don’t think you need to re-download your libraries. Just make a parent folder on the new drive. Call it BFD, then copy the folders that have your expansions in them to that folder. You only have BFD3 Core library and Horsepower? So you’d copy, Core Library and Horsepower folders.

Open BFD3 prefs again, search folder and navigate to the parent folder you copied the libraries to.

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Right, I think I know what has happened here. At some point in the past you’ve scanned your entire OS drive - not a 100% unreasonable thing to do really - and the BFD content scanner has added in some content from a DOWNLOADED INSTALLER FOLDER, and then naturally you’ve deleted that installer folder once you’ve installed… and now the content is missing.

That one is a simple fix - remove those data-paths from the list of content locations, and the error will stop appearing.


thanks SO MUCH to EVERYBODY who’s responded…

today is the first time at my computer since Drew’s great suggestion.

Here’s the news…

Today I can’t even get to the Content Locations because this appears when I try to run BFD3 either stand-alone or in my DAW**

Looks like something has gone wrong with the installation. Please clear out all of the BFD software paths on your machine and reinstall. They can be found here:
Mac HD/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/
Mac HD/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/
Make sure you also delete the audio unit from here: Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/
and the VST from here: Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

Re-install. Re-authorize. Should be good to go from there. You almost certainly will need to re-add your expansion packs to the content locations panel.

Drew - thank you; a million thanks!
I begin now…

BTW - where, when did you learn all of this internal / location information? Is it just common knowledge?

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At the risk of over-stating what I hope would be the obvious, I work for BFD Drums!!! If I didn’t know these paths, then fire me!! :smiley:


See the screenshot for what I have downloaded.

I can’t run BFD3. The message is shown…

Just re-install the plugin.

after I do reinstall the plugin, then attempt to run BDF3 I get the yellow triangle telling me the plugin is corrupt.

I’m really sorry about all this…