inMusic support form

Do we have any way of finding out if the inMusic support form submissions are being received? I can understand if they are overwhelmed but I don’t want to wait for help that isn’t coming…

Okay, I got an automated response, so my message must have been received. My problem doesn’t seem to be common enough to warrant being in the automated response. But at least those requests for help are going somewhere.

That’s more than I got -no response so far after several days and I don’t think the form is working for all users.

The response I got (after a couple of days) started with this:

Due to a large number of incoming inquires related to the Migration Process, we have compiled this automated master response, catered towards solving the most common issues being experienced. Please read through this email, and follow the appropriate support resources.

The inMusic support form doesn’t even submit anymore. It’s useless junk.

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There is definitely a javascript resource that gets a 404. Maybe that’s the library that includes the “actually do something” code. If that page worked, we could report it to them…


If it ain’t work don’t fix it, I guess.

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