Info on individual drum types

Is there a way to find more information on specific kit parts? For example I’m using a de-tuned Gretsch Purple floor tom 2 on a project, it’d be really useful to know what size head, the depth of the tom etc. The project may go live and I’d maybe look for that specific kit piece - or at least something that matched closely for stage. In BFD 2 one could find further info on the pieces, in the pop up panel of kit pieces, which gave all the info of the drum samples, but I cannot find in BFD3. It’s a shame if this is not continued. All the info I can get is the beater used…

There is an Info Display button in BFD3, but I’m not sure it’s going to give you all that you need.


A user here posted this the other day, as a way to get more detailed information on BFD3 and expansions, which is actually very helpful. However, the FAQ on the BFD3 doesn’t go into detail about the Core library’s kit pieces, as it does for the expansions.

Ah thanks - the info button is well hidden I see, hard to spot on my MacBook 13" but there’s enough info there - it’s mainly the drum size and material that is of interest. Cheers

This is something I really want to fix, coz I love all the drum nerdery.