Individual sounds don't load

O have my bfd. It’s loaded I can see grooves and I can see kits. But the individual drums don’t load with kits. I can’t get any drums to load anywhere.
Also if I touch anything in audio setting it crashes immediately.

Welcome. Could you list your OS and DAW versions, so others here have more info to be able to help? Maybe take a screenshot(s) of what’s happening in BFD and add to your post.

Sounds like you may be trying to run it in standalone though? Are your content locations in BFD Prefs listed properly? Have you tried re-scanning those locations?

It is the stand alone. But the same happens with the plug in. I find the folders for content and it says you’re good to go. But load a kit, there are no individual drums coming with it and I can’t even load one drum by trying to replace it.