I can't login - My BFD logout again

Since today, BFD3 don’t want to run, I can’t login in https://profile.inmusicbrands.com/ with my regular user and password. Can BFD people help me to unlock my account ? I have to work !!!
why BFD3, since the migration, is so unstable ??

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I did post earlier today because of the “disabled because you’re not logged into your account” problem. Now I’m on my macbook (my 2nd computer) and I cannot use bfd either.

Is it possible that no one can work with bfd today because of server problems?
What about a 30, 60 or 90-days policy for working offline … while the inmusic servers are down?

Me too. Absolutely no answer on the phone. All my computers are locked out. I put in username and pw and nothing. The customer support is horrible. I’m dead in the water now!!!

I guess the server is down !!! I hope it will be repaired soon…

I hope inmusic people will relax the rules because it’s harder for legit users than cracked software users…
anyway, after one year of difficulties, I begin to look after other drums software…

Same for me… Unacceptable! And for some reason these things happen when you don’t want them to…

your guess is right, I guess :hot_face: but why on earth don’t all working licenses just keep on working? … a proper license manager should say (work like this): oops I couldn’t reach my license server today so I’ll try again tomorrow. full stop. At least if the last license check was within the last 30 days.

or outsource it to a larger entity like ilok. My ilok always works, always.

Heya - server should be back now.

i’ve still got nothing. upgraded my GPU before a long trip, just returned, can’t even use the plugin. just connection error.

offer: london/eldorado/bfd3/oblivion/zildjian/horsepower for sale for whatever a couple GGD or slate kits cost these days.

Im back in now. That is unfortunate no announcements were made beforehand. I work in IT project management and change controls should be communicated to stakeholders before servers are upgraded/brought down etc, just sayin.

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Your post reads ‘1d’, so yesterday. Yesterday I worked all afternoon with it. In Nuendo 11, where it’s A-OK. Standlone kaput, so far same result in VE Pro.l

I don’t disagree, and I can’t write the rude words here that I really want to write, but I wasn’t very happy.