How to get 2 kicks triggered by same midi note?

if i add an extra kick to a drum kit , how do i get the new extra kick to use the same midi note (C0) so they are both triggered by the groove pattern , ie both kicks triggered by same midi note , ive been watching you tube vids and learned a lot but i cant find the answer , sound like it should be easy enough though .
cheers for your time !!

You can use Link mode in the Kit view. Just drag the secondary kick over the main one. The main kick MIDI data will trigger the other kick at the same time. Don’t forget to go back to Select mode. To undo a link, right-click on the source track and un-link.

You can also do something similar in the Key Map editor. Highlight Kick2, hold Alt/Option and drag the kick2 Hit artic from the right over to the MIDI key you want on the left. Meant more for incoming MIDI data from your DAW and not the BFD Groove engine.

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nice one fender bender that done the trick !! :+1:

No problem. The manual is kinda lengthy, but I tend to refer back to it when I forget the exact details on something, or to help answer a question. Aside from the manual, there are a few tutorial videos on YouTube from the FXpansion days. Might be worth checking out. There’s a neat one showing you how to create and use macros.