How to create a tempo slow down effect?

Hi all,
I’m looking for some advice from a beginner perspective. I’m not a drummer, not a musician even :smiley:
I’m trying to end my song slowing down the last two bars of my chorus, essentially thwy should last as 3 bars and end agaon on click for the last hit.
I’m trying to make it happen by ears… but I’m not absolutely satisfied.
I’ using the 1st bar as count in to take the tempo reference.
Bar 5 should be the very last hit on click again.
Then moving the events more and more but it seems I cannot find a good position. The main figure is always kick snare snare.
Any advice to make it simple?
Thank you!

There are no tempo, or key changes in the groove editor afaik. Are you moving your parts/events with “Snap” off, so you can get finer with the movements? Otherwise, it will be tough with it on.

Hi Mafbass,

Are you using a DAW or BFD in standaloan? If you are using a DAW, what DAW are you using?

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Living Room Rocker

Using Cakewalk, sorry

If you’re using Cakewalk then BFD3 should follow Cakewalks tempo, in which case you can just draw in a tempo in Cakewalks tempo map page.


Ok found it and it sounds great!
Thank you! :smiley:

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