Groove:MIDI note mapping

I may be missing something here…

Running Cakewalk by Bandlab latest version, Windows 10 21H1.

I insert BFD3 as a simple instrument track.

I load an arbitrary kit, I just selected BFD3 60s Pop PG as it’s the first BFD3 core one on my list. I open Cakewalk’s Piano Roll view on the BFD3 track, and see notes labelled up to MIDI note 96 (Perc 2 Hit) - from 97 onwards, nothing is labelled.

I load a groove palette in BFD3 - I used 730 Days as it’s the first BFD3 one listed in my groove list. It loads from C8 onwards according to the groove editor window.

2 things…

1 - If I do the same thing in BFD2, the name of the groove is reflected in Cakewalk’s Piano Roll - it’s not in BFD3, so you don’t have the immediate visibility you used to.

2 - C8 is…MIDI 96, so there’s what looks like an overlap by default.

Is there any way to:

1 - Make this work as it did before (I asusme an omission/bug in BFD3’s development vs BFD2)?

2 - Change the base MIDI note (or MIDI channel) that groove palettes load to, so there’s no overlap (I know I have no Perc 2 loaded, but it looks confusing and wrong)?