FusterCluck - maybe goodbye to BFD3

Nothing (or anyone) has solved my scanning fail when I open BFD3 (standalone or plugin) on Mac. So it’s unusable there.

Yes, I am logged into InMusic.

On the PC, out of nowhere, all my licenses are Not Authorized and when I try to Authorize then I’m told (for each license):

Maximum simultaneous product authorizations reached (Error #403002))

Yes, I am logged into InMusic and I have never authorized to any other machines than my MacPro and my PC.

[UPDATE: Support fixed the PC problem, but as of 4 Aug, no real help on the MacPro problem]

Probably a stupid question but have you contacted support at support@bfddrums.com or contacted @BFD_Drew to see if they can help?


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I will do that today.


Make sure you are using license manager if u r on Monterey. Both stand-alone and AU.

Same happened here, and there’s never been more than one auth at a time under the new regime.
It quit doing it all by itself. I was pretty peeved by this one.