Feeling brave? Become a BFD Beta tester

I saw this on a BFD Drums IG post and thought I’d pass it along. I can’t really risk it now because I currently only have one stable working system, but it would be cool to have access to early builds.

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Haha…i got this offer, but, i cannot even open the present version 3.4 anymore, allthough i really did nothing…it´s a never ending deseaster, since version 1. I am glad when i get rid of everything, and can hopefully sell it.

Ironically, I missed the email that was sent out about this because it was in my Junk folder. :rofl:

I got an email last week.

But I’d be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Plus I only have one working computer, And a shitload of updating to do with plug-ins etc., and top of disability/illness time consuming issues/problems

So, as much as I’d like to be/get involved - it’s a none starter for me.


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Sorry to hear about you having disability/illness Murt. Hope the year will be better for you moving forward.


I thought we were already all beta testers, going from the quality of the releases.



Thank you.

It’s somethin’ we gotta try ‘n’ live with.

Sadly, the powers that be don’t like the disabled. We are ruled by selfish parasites.

It’s only the music that keeps us goin’.



The powers that *shouldn’t be.


Yup, that’s how I feel at the moment.

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Haha…This was the response I was expecting. You win :trophy:


I can’t think of many pieces of software that don’t feel like beta products anymore. That’s not a justification for ANY of them, either.


This kinda thing is why I just bought a reel to reel four track TEAC from the 70’s thats been recently serviced.

It may have its quirks and limits but it doesnt need any more bloody updates!

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I still have my Tascam 38 and Tascam 32. They still run but need a line up.

I tried to get into tape baking (due to sticky-shed syndrome) But Lost one or two old tapes.

With current trends in too many software updates that are breaking more things than they mend, I can see more folk going back to the old days.

It seems today everything is for pure profit and nothing else. Which is very sad because there is so much good software out there.