Expansions recognition by license manager

Support had me delete and reinstall BFD. I did not delete my libraries but not License manager does not recognize them being installed. IS there a way to get License Manager to recognize the libraries that are installed. Hate to half to delete and reinstall

They won’t be recognised as “installed” without running the installers. This is something we’re going to improve in the future.

If you add your data to the BFD Contents Location panel inside the tools menu, all your content should absolutely still work and be authorized - it just won’t appear in the installed list. This is normal for now.

I did set the content locations under preferences but when I click library under presets only bfd 3 content shows. I guess I will reinstall. The idea was to clean everything out including fxpansiin stuff because the new pm works for stand-alone and pro tools but not Luna or logic. They still have a problem. They do find the license manager and I log out but it has problem logging in. I’ll report back to support and I guess I rerun installers for e all the expansions. Ugh. Thanks Drew

So should you keep the downloads on the download drive and not delete them from the license manager? If you keep them then you can just hit the play button to install again, correct? If you delete of the you would have to redownlaod and then install. Hoping to save space.

What is the best way to move an expansion form one drive to another. I would say delete it, then download and install on the other drive. It would be easy just to drag and drop, and set the contents in BFD 3.

I just drag and drop, and rescan. There’s no real advantage to downloading and reinstalling again.

The only installers I keep are the 2 most recent BFD3 builds and LM (to revert if needed), oh and an old FXpansion Rock Tambourine just in case. Those are all light weight. All the big sized content installers get deleted.

Just copy expansions to the new drive, delete old content paths, add new paths and re-scan. No need to run the installers again. Hopefully they can update the LM to make it easier to show the LM that you indeed have the latest content installed when it gets screwy.