Drum Drops kits for BFD

I don’t know how many others here bought BFD kits from Drum Drops, but I got several and really liked them. With all the uncertainty around BFD over the past several years they have discontinued BFD kits.
I just wrote to them on their contact page asking about future BFD support now that InMusic has stepped in to breathe new life into BFD.

Anybody else willing to drop them a note expressing interest in having their products formatted for BFD once again?

Here’s the link

Yeah I have a few of their kits, was looking forward to having Tony Allen kits.

I did see a post on Facebook some time back that they were reintroducing BFD packs, but haven’t seen anything since.

Their kits interested me but it seems that they don’t really have many velocity layers ?
Maybe it’s only for drum replacement or layering, and not a fully programmed drum ?

Yeah, I waited for that Tony Allen Kit forever, and then they yanked all BFD support.

Some are a little on the light side, but they have plenty that aren’t. I don’t think they or anyone else has anything that compares to, for instance, the Jim Scott kits at Platinum Samples. They still sound good, though.