Doubling Sounds

Like quite a few, I’m struggling with installation and setup. I’ve downloaded and installed the new software - but now getting ‘doubling’ sounds with playing grooves…and some kits from expansion packs are listed twice. Could be one of two things…1) I reinstalled a bunch of the content from expansion packs (so could be in there twice), or 2) I use a cloud (OneDrive) for a lot of data which could be duplicated there and generate the double sounds and listings. Any suggestions?? Thx!!

Also check your MIDI in or out setting in BFD, and disable one of them. A long time ago I found that if you looped MIDI back onto BFD, you’d get a phasing sound as it double triggered.

With the doubling sounds, make sure your DAW track is not also sending midi into the plugin at the same time. That could cause doubling up of grooves for sure! It won’t be anything to do with installation stuff.

Also what Kafka said, make sure midi isn’t leaving BFD and then coming back into it via some weird loopback route.

On this doubling; it happens in the ‘stand-alone’ version - but doesn’t happen with I’m using as a plug-in through my DAW (Cakewalk) ? – though the double listing of each preset/kit shows up in Explorer in both cases. I’d installed some of the expansion packs twice - to the same location - so I’m going to try deleting one of the packs; reinstalling and see if that solves the issue.

Thanks again for the help - for me and others.

Check for doubles in these locations:

Paths for any BFD2-era kits/presets/keymaps/grooves:

Mac - MacHD/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD2/System
Win - C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD2\System

Paths for BFD3-era kits/presets/keymaps/grooves::

Mac - MacHD/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/System
Win - C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System

Hmm, I kinda figured it might be that “ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD2\System” …or something along those lines – which was one of the paths in program set-up for stand-alone.