Do you ever route BFD or similar drum vsti out to hardware?

If so, how?
What kind of set ups have you tried?
Are you routing the audio out of an interface live from BFD/similar (implying more of a live performance aspect to the drums), or using recordings?
What outboard gear do you use?

I’m currently routing a drum vsti out to an envelope follower in a modular system and clocking it both via the audio and a MIDI clock for more stricter timings.

A Neon Egg Planetarium 2 is providing sidechain, plus reverb and chorus going into a delay and then some really heavy compression. Sounds quite spectacular :slight_smile:

And then all back into Reaper for recording. Next, I’ll put a mono version of the drums thru one channel on this, and the rest of the track thru the other channel, and let it stretch and weave, and record the results.

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