Deluxe (To be or not to be - just to make up the other characters needed)

Are we going to see the Deluxe expansion on sale again or is that just too much to ask - knowing that it has been discontinued.

Anyway - some new content would be nice - once all the bumps are ironed out.



Is anyone able to add to this at all?

I’m assuming it is not going to be available, although I do see it for sale at some places…?

Drew did chime in on the reason the Zildjian Vaults aren’t possible now, but yeah, some clarification on the reasons why Deluxe and XFL are no longer available would be nice.

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I was looking around for Deluxe for a while but the Guitar Center/Musician’s Friend offerings aren’t actually available. They can sell them to you, but they haven’t caught on that they can’t get a license for you anymore from FXpansion. I got my money refunded, and went and found an unopened box on eBay for a good price. That’s the only way to get it right now. Just make sure you’re buying an UNOPENED, still-in-the-damn-plastic-wrapper box because otherwise the chances are very good that the license will already have been used. I ran into that trying to do the same thing for the Zildjian Digital Vault. Luckily I was able to get all my money back from eBay on that one.