Day two of trying to get BFD to honour a customer and not walk headlong into a PR disaster


How many retailers are aware they are selling a 90 day time limited demo as full software? How many BFD retailers are passing this info onto customers pre-sale? In how many territories is this false advertising, or at the very least opening up retailers to returns they arent expecting, any angry or confused customers, software that suddenly dies after the returns period has passed.

How many retailers are now legally at risk because of BFD not being upfront with retailers and customers?

When will BFD be up front and honest about when, if ever, this is going to change, what negotiations theyre in with whoever is making them do this. If its not someone making them do this, then fess up.

I just want to use the software I bought to work offline, like it did when it was bought, and as it now functions, but be able to use it for over 90 days.

How many of us love BFD and want BFD to be the greatest and supported long term? This PR disaster is only going to hinder that.

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It perhaps all began when the awesome DK-008 sample player was axed , in favour of the new BFD closed-loop system - primarily aimed at platforming a business model for future investors.

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Turning it into a new product, thats at least open and honest, of a fashion.

Not notifying people pre-sale that its a time limited demo, or suddenly checking up on customers monthly and tying that connection to whether the software functions or not is pure anti-consumer tactics, and likely an illegal move in some territories. I dont know that is the case, so I’m researching it now. I’ve fired off some emails to solicitor firms that specialise in consumer law here in the UK to find out the situation. I doubt anything will come of this at all but I have the time right now to dedicate to it.

I just want my perfectly functioning copy of BFD to work offline in 4 months time. Thats all.

Andertons here in the UK certainly had no idea this online check up thing was the case, and looked for it themselves today and couldnt find any mention of it on BFD’s site.

Now that is funny!
You get on this consumer-rights mission , and contact the one company that is the most aggressive retail monopoly the music industry has ever seen!
A company that saw fit to send me not one , but three successive B-stock midi-controllers - one of which being a shop-floor demo item , when I’d paid full price for a new one.

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Hahah :slight_smile:

Not just the one company, and this isnt about any beef with Andertons. Lets try not to get into that :slight_smile: No beef here with BFD or Drew either tbh.

I just want customers warned pre sale, and I just want the copy of BFD I bought to work offline and I’ve run out of options or time trying to get BFD to address this.

The opposite in fact, they’ve point blank refused to deal with it.

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Any business model will have a pre-written script that will be adhered to 100%.
No employee or owner will deviate from that.
Effectively a brick wall.
Any complaints from our side are of course ignored by the slaves to that business model , and any tech-support will be bound to read from a similar script - which is generally a FAQ-sheet , or a comment which belongs in a blanket e-mail.
Nothing will change , and any company operating in this way will either make money , or stick their heads in the sand and hum “La La La” as the world falls around them. Welcome to Venture Capitalist 2022.


Yeah, I know. I can see all that, and I could give up immediately, but I have the time and things might change if people kick up a fuss.

I’ve raised a ticket at InMusic, the CS representative was very helpful. InMusics legal team are about to be made aware of the situation. This will then be passed on to BFD themselves.

Anderton’s are looking into this, they are subject to UK trading laws just like everyone else here. This puts them at risk. They said they are definitely going to chase this up.

I’ve barely started.

EDIT: My prediction too is that this wont help any, but I’ll learn some stuff along the way, and my emotions arent wrapped up in it so why not try? :slight_smile:


I installed my NOS early 1960’s Mullard 161 ECC83’s to my guitar-amp a while back. Along with a pair of Svetlana winged-C EL34’s.
Will take a lot to scrape me off the ceiling , and I’m back with a vengeance.
Currently playing 9 hours a day , and anything that gets in the way is calmly but firmly brushed aside.
I certainly refuse to wet-nurse Beta software through it’s teething stage.
It takes 30 minutes to fire-up my studio , and 10 mins to close it all down. Even that time is precious to me , as I’m ready to create every moment of the waking day.
I had 2 days of hell because of BFD3 and InMusic’s server , and the only thing creative was my constant E-mails , and eventual forum posts.
I’ve cancelled all client sessions now , and am in a position where I don’t need their money - so I now have all my toys back , and all configured to suit my needs , again.
The Halion 6 will be making it’s way here , and I don’t mind spending a little time configuring that , since I have a wealth of 24/48 drum samples and re-samples to draw from - 12 years worth of concerted effort.
It’s like a weight off my shoulders , because as an artist , I am back in familiar territory and can maximise potential without fighting the digital protocols of some marketing dept. all fucking day.

Yes , I have BFD3 fully working now , with 88 days to go on LM - with everything on that external SATA snail-drive. There may well be some good sounds on there , and interesting manipulation tools , and will probably take a look at it now and again.
But , the slightest reluctance of LM to authorise next time , will result in that drive being erased immediately.
Perhaps I should be thankful to InMusic for prompting the long-overdue change in my musical life , as I no longer have to produce other’s projects , and suffer their inadequacies. Maybe I was just doing it to be liked or something. Who knows , but fuck it anyway. It’s such a pleasure to switch off my phone , iPad , and the world - and do what I do best.
It’ll take more than an update or a bug-fix to penetrate my bubble (Or huge tits and a big-advance!)
Just so you know where I am.

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Or if the server goes down at any point, or if a random bug notices something it gets confused by.

Change is the only constant. Art, and enjoying making art, comes in many forms. Had a big crash and lost everything? Eh, just make some more art, there’ll be more along any minute :slight_smile:

Being forced out of being able to use a tool I bought tho. No thank you!

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Then , as a constantly evolving artist - I reserve the right to call the current state of BFD3 a pile of utter fucking wank , due to the presence of InMusic , and their invasive protection bollocks.
The 5 seconds that takes , being well worth my time.

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Its the denial that does my head in. The narrative thats being played out being “This is nothing to do with us, this is being forced on us, its not up to us”.

Someone at BFD signed this deal with InMusic, knew this was coming and said nothing to the customer base, said nothing to retailers. IIRC, it was customers who suggested the FAQ on this forum, I remember extolling the virtues of it, partly because customers need to be told and BFD need to cover their arse. Look where that got me? :smiley:

Obviously, I also know that the narrative is that the InMusic sale saved BFD, but its also the thing that means I’ll be having to wipe all its data in August.


I don’t get it… what happened ?

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MaximunDembo is on holiday this week , and can’t afford Skegness.
That’s what happened.

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Patience tester.

Here’s my new look Dembo……

Licence Manager Administrator.
Or this?

The sale to InMusic happened. Monthly online check ups of authorisations started happening without anyone being told. We only found out due to endless BFD lockouts that checks ups were now a requirement and would completely disable BFD. None of this was a thing before the sale and no one was informed the new system would do this. We found out the hard way, at first by BFD not even working offline at all.

After endless fuckery, it got changed to 90 days and we were blessed and should be eternally grateful. Being as generous as I can, lets say it was vaguely hinted at that the offline mode would return, that once authorised, BFD would work offline as before, no lock outs. I kept pushing for this, knowing I’d one day be going without the net for an extended period, zero access. Not even a trip to Skegness.

I’ve waited a year or more. Nothing has changed, and I’ll be offline in 28 days time :slight_smile:

According to the nice man at InMusic UK, this 90 day thing is standard across all InMusic software, so why we werent informed is anyone’s guess. I dont really care for the reasons any more.

Retailers should know about the 90 day thing, and new customers should be aware of the 90 day requirement prior to purchase. Customers are only made aware if they read the FAQ, which only recently appeared and was yet another forum suggestion. Retailers it would seem have no idea this is a requirement at all.

I would rather not see anyone else go through this mess. BFD and InMusic arent going to bat an eyelid if I just slink away so I’m shouting instead. If it achieves nothing, so be it, I wont know anyway as I wont be back here.

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If this is true then that’s a good enough reason to avoid all of inMusic. The only other inMusic products I ever had were the AIR synths. They were iLok so I call BS on all inMusic products using this citizen check system.

Unfortunately their iLok implementation was so terrible I uninstalled them as they wete more hassle than they were worth.

I get the feeling that one reason BFD will never go iLok is that InMusic dont do iLok. In terms of profit, it makes way more sense for InMusic to do it themselves, theyre huge and they have the servers for it.

Its also way more profitable to harvest peoples data directly, than have to use a third party like iLok. That is all totally uninformed speculation on my part :slight_smile:

I spoke to InMusic directly on the phone yesterday, but obviously CS guy could have been misinformed. He said it as tho it was just an offhand comment tho, like its a regular thing they say to people. He opened a complaint ticket so I guess I might find out more if they get back in touch.

They have one month to reply.

The statement I received from Sam when their server was down , was that they had no idea , and it was caused by a third-party. Hardly a hands-on experience server-wise.
This indicates that they are renting server-space , just like everyone else.
Probably in Malaysia , or even some back-street hot-house in Skegness!

So you take your chances , every time some teenage waste of space wants to log-in to their latest Shoot-em-Up.
I’ve never had a library download speed of over 3Mb/s , and the BFD3 app itself downloads at 400Kb/s.

Fucking modern internet.
Information highway my arse.

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Lol, they call them “First Person Shooters” nowadays. I think the popular ones are Call of Beauty and Metal of Donor, or something like that.

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