Clear and official statement regarding offline capabilities

Hi Drew,

as a long time bfd user and fan I appreciate Your and the developers efforts to make BFD3 usable again after migration to inmusic.

What I can’t understand in the actual situation is that You as a product owner do not seem to be authorized to make a clear statement to stop all the frustration among the community of long time and loyal BFD users. At this point in time we still don’t have the information and guidance from Your side to understand:

  1. What the intention behind all the trouble regarding the online issue is.
  2. How this shall be solved
  3. If and how inmusic plans to satisfy longtime BFD users who are not willing or able to be always online
  4. Maybe You could offer alternative solutions for those customer. I personally wouldn’t mind to run my BFD3 license on ilok instead of being forced to be always online.

Whatever inmusic is planning - the worst solution regarding communication is avoiding clear messages for weeks and weeks. Even the most loyal BFD3 customers won’t be willing to stand this mess much longer.


NO. No dongle! I bought into the BFD platform without a dongle. I don’t want a dongle all of a sudden. That’s not what I paid for. I’d demand a refund if suddenly a dongle was introduced. I just paid for the upgrade, in fact. The expectation was “more of the same” but this experience has been abysmal and NOT like my prior BFD experiences.

I absolutely refuse to spend money at companies that have overblown DRM, especially when it takes up sockets on my computer setup (I already have tons of USB connections in place), demands effing DRIVERS be installed (which guarantees OS compatibility issues), and/or causes other complications (like breaking the product for the customer, causing system performance issues, etc).

The only truly customer-serving solution to a DRM fail like this is to remove the whole DRM system and replace it with something:

  1. Architecturally Simple, and therefore:
  2. Reliable & non-invasive
  3. Easy to execute, one time only
  4. Offline, always

The whole reason this disaster is going on is the DRM. There are bugs in the actual product that aren’t getting addressed because the DRM is so invasively embedded into the product and they’re being given arbitrary demands to change it for a new corporate overlord. None of this serves us, the paying customers!