Cant start BFD3 after downloading software and library

I cannot get my BFD3 working. In the licence manage that I have downloaded from everything is ok and the serial number is checked. When i download the software and want to start I get the message:

FXpansion no longer has anything to do with BFD3. Log into your fxpansion account, and follow the instructions for migrating your license over to inmusic/ You’ll need to reinstall using a supported version.

Hi Kafka, I am trying to do that but get an error on the site of FXpansion. I also had feedback from Fender on this site that I first have to make an account with the same information and emailadres on Inmusic and then try to migrate. So that is what I am going to try today. I hope I can do that.

If you’ve already created an inMusic account, you can easily go to Fxpansion and just change the email address there, to match inMusic.

I Have created an account on Inmusic with the same emailadres as what I use for FXpansion. It do not work. I get the same error? I really dont know what to do now.

What Fxpansion products are you trying to migrate? Only eligible products will be migrated… any legacy products like BFD 1+2 you’ll have to get replacement serials from Drew, or inMusic support here.

FXpansion may very well be broken at this point. I’d say your next best bet would be to send all your all FXpansion serial numbers to or @BFD_Drew. They can handle it manually.

Hi Kafka thx for sending the contact information for BFD drums. I will sure do that.
I have a registered BFD3 product.

No It is the BFD3 full version originally with a USB stick for the library.