Cannot send support request to imMusic

When BFD was brought into the imMusic fold I tried several times to get it registered with inMusic. When I created a support request I could not send it except once where for some reason it worked, but then I never had a response back. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve been at this computer music stuff for 20 years and another 40 years in analog land so I am not a noob. Any advice on how to have clear effective communication with inmusic would be appreciated.


Try emailing them at Also, PM @BFD_Drew.

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Agreed! The InMusic website definitely needs some work!
I had to jump through hoops just to purchase the software because I kept being told I was in “test mode”. (No idea what that means)
The “Submit” button on the support request did not respond. I tried it on 2 computers (Mac M1 and PC Windows 10) so I don’t think it’s a browser issue.
It’s really unfortunate.
But everyone keeps saying BFD_Drew is “the man”, so I’ll wait for his advice!
Good luck!

the inMusic support is still unavailable: the submitbutton does nothing…

I think that every time you push it, someone’s bathroom light goes on and off in Lichtenstein.
(I read it somewhere)


:laughing: at least that would be a result.

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There is a separate support request form buried on the Bfd page that actually does work. In my single experience using it, a support ticket was created, but not read at all. I received a nice email explaining that I was eligible for an upgrade to BFD3 (which was not my question at all). Good luck

The most basic aspects of conducting business do not matter to inMusic. I wish companies could be broken up for willful negligence. inMusic is an example of the apex of laissez-faire capitalism, where a company makes nothing, cares about nothing but millionaire “investors”, and merely gobbles up IP and struggling brands to fatten a meaningless IP portfolio, in some kind of Wall Street gambling den bastardization of what was once called “doing business”. These types of empty corporations are the reason for the misery of end-stage capitalism that we all suffer today.

Well said and true

These types of empty corporations are the reason for the misery of end-stage capitalism that we all suffer today


Same here, emailed more than a week ago, didn’t get any reply besides the automated “A BFD Support Technician will reply to your as soon as possible”.

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Not the best week to get support, sadly, what with the holidays n everything.

I emailed support days ago with an activation issue, no response.

The same thing for me