Can we work offline yet?

Why does it take so long to change this? This is so amateurish.


I reverted back to BFD3.3. It’s working well so I will either wait and hope for a positive update or move on to Superior Drummer. I am guessing it will happen soon enough. I don’t think that they can afford to upset a sizeable minority when try to get BFD up and running.


Just curious, If BFD3.3 is working well what are the advantages of SD3?



Firstly I guess I would just like to know where I am. It is destabilising that no one is able to definitively state what will happen to this software. Secondly I want to have the possibility of new kits. I have recently bought the Chocolate Audio kits and have found them to be the best expansions I have bought.

I want more output options, more mics and as I like to mix in the DAW with each kit piece having its own mixer channel easier output options and ways to save them. I like to use parallel compression. I like to use my own plugins. I want a drum program to offer the flexibility for me to work how I want, offline being one thing. I want each kit to have a drum map and for it to be easier to change the mapping to add other kit pieces. I would like to see a master bleed mixer and a master dynamic control.

BFD3.3 is quite old now with an annoying GUI that could be so much better. I would like the resizing to be less clunky and more direct. I would like there to be detachable windows for the kit/mixer and the grooves page. I would like to have a better way of changing the kit pieces as changing a snare is very clunky.

Many of these things are better ergonomically in Superior Drummer. Don’t get me wrong, I am hoping BFD will come up with the goods, but they need to talk to us and show that they understand our concerns. To be honest I don’t know whether SD3 will be better, but I will know where I am, also If I move computer how do I knw that BFD3.3 will still work.

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BFD3 does have a master dynamic control in the dashboard.

One of the reasons BFD3 ditched the skeuomorphic view was to save on cpu and help those with lower spec machines but I did used to love the BFD2 kit view.

Since very powerful DAWs come much cheaper today than they did back in 2014 it would hardly be too taxing for most users and I guess a compromise might be to have the option to see full kit representation as a check box somewhere in the GUI settings.

I have the chocolate audio imperial kit and I love it, very different.

Rescaling is pretty likely in BFD4 and I’d love at least a detachable full screen groove edit page.


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Drew has already stated on multiple forums, that the always online issue was not intended and will be resolved in the next update.


Yes but he has not come here and stated it explicitly or stated when this is likely to be resolved. Will it be in an update next week, next month next year? If you are re-launching a product with many customers who are invested, but prepared to move on you need to be straight with them. I am prepared to wait, but want to know my wait is not time wasted.

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It would only be wasted surely, if there was never any fix but that’s not going to happen.

I have absolutely no idea when the next update will be but in terms of new features, the difference between 3.4 and 3,.3 really isn’t anything to lose sleep over.
The only new features I’ve noticed are the 'rotation and kit size knobs which I don’t use and the new effects from Air which are very nice.

It would be good if Drew or someone could give us a rough time frame like, by the end of June or end of summer for the next update but I think if he could, he would so I’m assuming he can’t say right now.


  1. TRACKER = Direct Sample Replacement.

  2. Tap2Find = Instant search for a rhythm you have in your head

  3. Resizeable GUI without the stupid Arrow Up/Down.

  4. Midi Grooves are Way easier to work with and find what you need

  5. Way less programming issues than BFD3. I have ZERO issues with SD3.

  6. Support and communication

  7. Having to be ONLINE for the app is a def NO GO here, SD3 I don’t have that arbitrary issue

**My ideal world would be SD3, BFD3 and SSD5 here which I have. I would like to actually USE BFD3 without a bunch of snags and me trying to figure out WTH to do with the app that is always a programming problem.

Not sure what you mean by, ‘programming issue’ anything specific?
Do you mean using the groove editor page?


It is really taking too long.
This is a critical issue.
I had to re-install twice because of it.
No way to treat your customers, if you want to keep them!

Did you miss the other points I mentioned? You asked how SD3 is better and I listed them.

When Im talking programming issues thats a kind way to says bugs that crash the app

I did see the others but hadn’t realised they were in response to my question.

I’m not sure what ‘TRACKER = Direct Sample Replacement’ is but I’m guessing it’s not playing the same sample twice? If so then I don’t think BFD3 does either, it just does it in a different way.

I agree with all the points you made although some of them I wouldn’t use like tap to find.


But he’s also said that he’d expect the plugin to call home every so often, which is not OK

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So, from the BFDDRUMS.COM website, which I assume is the authoritative source:

Can I run BFD3 on a DAW with no Internet connection?

Yes, as long as you have access to a machine somewhere with Internet connectivity and a means of moving a small key file between the two machines (a USB flash memory key, CDRW, floppy disk, or iPod for example).

So stick your ‘there is an expectation that you would need to be online every so often’ garbage…

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Having to be online just to use the software would be a big difference between 3.3 to 3.4, and seems to be a fairly major issue to some users (me included).

Its a pretty big bug/update tbh.

TRACKER is like SLATEs TRIGGER, sample replacement. Converts your real drum kit recordings to midi then you can trigger any drum sound you want

Yes, I agree it is a pretty big bug.

What I was trying to say was you’re not missing much with regards to new features by holding off and reverting back to the previous build.



Ah yes, I like the sound of that.
Addictive drums have Addictive Trigger too and I think Superior Drummer 3 has something similar.


Yeah, gotta agree, that’s pretty unambiguous. Honestly, if the online thing becomes a requirement, I may bail, just because I don’t think BFD3 would remain a product much longer. And I’m about as much of a BFD diehard as you get.