Can anyone help me migrate my account?

LONG time BFD user but I’m not able to migrate my account . .I’ve been trying since the original InMusic migration but every time I click the link that’s sent to my email, I get a 404 error: page not found. As a result I don’t have access to my sample libraries and haven’t really been able to participate in the Beta group.

Go to your old FXpansion account page, and copy down the serial numbers. Email them with your FXpansion userid and your inMusic userid to They should be able to get you squared away.

Thanks for this. I will send that immediately.

…it is a nightmare
Tell me when things are working, besides authorization for Windows.

Yeah. I got a prompt reply from inmusic telling me to create an account at inmusic and then they closed my support ticket. Of course, I DO have an inmusic account and I was logged in at I let them know that I do have an inmusic account with the same email registered at fxoansion but have not heard back from them since. . …

In my case some Migration Link did Not Show up in fxpansion. Let the company work it out and save your Time. The idea sending some eligible proof is not bad, though.