BFD3 has been disabled

Another here. Happened on 3rd April, almost a month before the 90 days.

BFD Liezens Manager Error What can I do?

e.G. “Our Server was unable to Process the request”

i have to logout and login, just now it’s running.

Happened to me the other day, too.

I agree the entire BFD authorization/registration system is beyond invasive and incredibly annoying. You folks at inMusic really need to rethink this and come up with something better because the current system really does suck. Bad.

The reason I’m here is because I dislike Toontrack so much that I absolutely refuse to give them any more of my money. That’s highly unlikely to change, but there’s plenty room for improvement with BFD’s current authorization system. All it does is punish, annoy, and inconvenience legit users. It does NOTHING to deter, or stop people who are trying to use cracked versions. Let that sink in.

We’re customers, not thieves - try to remember that FFS.


Same thing just happened to me again. Whenever I decide I might want to sit down and program some drums “BFD has been disabled” is what happens when I open this piece of shit software up. Maybe in a couple of days it will authorise but by then I won’t have the time to do what i wanted to do now. What an absolute crap product. It might be time to think about a class action lawsuit if anyone is up for it?

Here we go will lawsuits again…I hope you get what you want out of that. Probly best to just stop using it after you win the lawsuit and keep on using EZ drummer.

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