BFD3 crashing when opening up groove palette

  • BFD3 version: 3.3.1
  • Steps to Reproduce:
  1. open bfd3 application
  2. go to “groove editor”
  3. go to “file” at the top left corner
  4. click “load groove(s) from file…”
  5. click a specific palette groove that I’d been working on
  • Expected Result: It should open up the groove palette
  • Actual Result": Application crashes with a note saying “BFD3 quit unexpectedly”
  • Reproducibility: 9 out of 10. Even if it luckily doesn’t crash, then it crashes after editing the groove palette anyway.
  • Additional notes: BFD3 seems to crash randomly and very frequently even in other cases…Most of the time when using grooves…I’d like to send you a screenshot of the bug but apparently I can’t because new users are not allowed to…?


Versions of BFD prior to v3.4 are no longer supported. The current version is v3.4.3.7.


That was FXpansion. BFD isn’t owned by them anymore. The product is owned by a completely different company now.