BFD3.4.2.4 Crashing

Just got through solving unresponsive license manager problems as per the “BFD Licence Manager Error Loading” and “License manager not responding” threads.

Now BFD3.4.2.4 will not start at all. Just crashes on start up.

Not only that, every Logic Pro project I have with BFD (which is basically every project) crashes on opening. Even after I uninstalled BFD they still crash because of it - I can see it in the crash report. I am on all the latest updates - OSX, Logic, BFD.

I uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times. No luck. Won’t even start up.

I ended up downloading from the Fxpansion site which doesn’t crash and has allowed me to open my logic projects with BFD. I could/would use that but my new Eldorado/London Sessions serials from this site won’t work with it.

Anyway, it’s all just a bloody mess. Please, someone reassure me that this software is being worked on.

None of my 12 expansions will work.

My serials won’t work with the old license manager that comes with BFD3.3.1.33 and the new license manager won’t connect to it…or I just don’t know how to get it to work.

BFD3 3.44 on OS X Big Sur crashing no matter what i do. Standalone & plugins.

Same problems…agreed it’s a mess

Are you getting crash logs and if so you should send them to