BFD3 3.4 Demo version

Where i can find to try demo version?

There isn’t one I’m afraid.

Perhaps when BFD4 is released they’ll be one but I doubt they’ll be another BFD3 demo.


But what is it? Mistake?
BFD3 | Frequently Asked Questions : BFD Drums?

My guess is they’ve copied the info from the FXpansion site and forgotten to remove that part.

At least, I don’t see any demo on the BFD Drums site downloads.

Are there plans to bring back the BFD3 demo @BFD_Drew?

If not, that info in the FAQ needs removing


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Thanks for reply. Awaiting answer from BFD3 Crew

Yes that FAQ is a copy-pasta fail. There is currently no BFD3 demo.


I love when fails are never fixed

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There is a word for it, but I dont know if its appropriate here, means something like…

“A failure to give enough care or attention to someone or something that you are responsible for”

Its been there since at least March and it STILL says this…

Baby’s first business lesson -

The knowledge base got updated today. This is still there tho

There is very little point in a knowledge base with factual errors.