BFD License manager won't start

New BFD3 User here…I can’t even say ‘user’ coz I haven’t used it yet :frowning:
Last week I was able to download/authorize BFD3 and content library, and chose a free expansion pack.
Today I try to open the license manager to download the expansion pack and it won’t run.
Nothing. No GUI pops up. Just nothing. The The task manager shows it for a sec then disappears.
Any help?

What happens if you try to launch BFD3 first?

Is your version of the LM

You can download it here BFD Downloads

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the licence manager


If I launch BFD3 first it tells me I am not logged into my account, and that I should run the license manager, which doesn’t run. I am running version I downloaded a fresh copy and reinstalled but still the same result :frowning:


Are you able to log in to your inmusic account?

Try logging out via the web page and then running the LM
There was an issue with the LM not being able to log in but the resolution was to log out via the LM and then log in via the browser but since you can’t even open the LM I’m not sure what to advise.

It sounds like the LM can’t connect to the server but that shouldn’t stop it opening. :thinking:

I think I’ve seen this before so perhaps @BFD_Drew can help

Also, are you on mac or windows?