BFD License Manager download halts

I’m having an issue where the BFD License Manager keeps halting when trying to download something.
I have to restart the license manager to continue the download, but it only halts again a few minutes later.
Has anybody experienced this? Any suggestions?


Hey Russ,
What are you trying to download? I’ve not seen this with any downloads I’ve been doing recently, but happy to check it out.

I just transferred my BFD stuff from fxpansion to BFD drums yesterday, so am downloading my free gift! I’m trying to download ‘metal snares’

Update: Seems to be specific to the BFD metal snares expansion. Everything else downloads fine.
Although, BFD license manager seems to work very odd in a few ways:

  1. It didn’t recognize I already had downloaded all my registered expansion kits, even though I configured the download directory to my existing directory. So I wound up downloading and installing them again, after which the BFD license manager finally said “up to date”, even though it was the same version.
  2. Even though I’ve re-downloaded and installed the expansion packs and license manager says they’re “up to date”, everytime I open license manager, it still checks for downloaded content and says “please run the installer by clicking the play button” on the download tab. Seems weird… surely the software should detect I’ve already downloaded / installed and no new version is available, so why is it asking me to install again?