Appreciative of customer service

Hi - I know there’s a lot of dunking on customer service in this forum, but I just wanted to throw in that my issues with updating to Monterey were handled pretty quickly and efficiently. I had about a week of downtime before the update came out, and Drew was very good about walking me through the process.

I realize there are still lingering issues from the transfer to inMusic, but honestly I love the workflow and the sound of BFD3 and am happy to be in the universe. Nothing is perfect, but it’s good to know folks are out there trying to solve these problems as they come up.

Just my two positive cents. Feel free to slam me if you want.



Nice post.

Although my situation was/is not as bad as some using bfd. Things have been sorted pretty quick under the circumstances - things are not and have not been good for anyone - either customer (although should be treated as always right, even if wrong) and business alike.

I’m giving them the benefit of any doubt in these very difficult and politically charged times.

I can only wish everyone concerned all the best - but then again - that’s just me.